Environment Making Challenge – community call to action


SERAS are looking for problem-solvers and great ideas for making our world a better place – design a solution and win a great prize.

When: 22 June – 3 July 2020 every weekday from 2.00–3.00

Where: Online on Blackboard Collaborate and YouTube

Join SERAS and the Pitch-In project for an Environmental Making Challenge, with webinars and discussion groups featuring some of the UK’s top Makers and experts. Learn about making and what you can use to solve problems around you.

With daily sessions over two weeks, from June 22, participants will get the chance to learn all about creative problem solving and get an introduction to the ideas behind the Internet of Things.

The events are free and open to all, whether you’re a complete beginner, tech savvy or tech shy. Teens and adults are welcome. There’s lots to learn and prizes to win.

For more details and for the event agenda, please visit SERAS and for those interested to find out more about making and the Internet of Things, explore our website and follow any of the links below.