Sheffield IoT Meetup #1: an overview and videos


We’re pleased to be working with Sheffield IoT security company, Ioetec Ltd, to support the launch of Sheffield IoT Meetup. The meetup is for anyone with an interest in IoT and data across the region, everyone is welcome.

Montage of people networking at the meetup

The meetup has been established to create a vibrant group around IoT and cybersecurity that enables individuals and organisations to share their capability, stimulating discussion and collaboration. We want to enable real-world application of IoT technology and position Sheffield as a leading IoT centre.

“We’re trying to build a new network, an ecosystem of people and organisations across the Sheffield City Region with an interest in IoT, who might not normally connect. We want a broad range of interests across the IoT arena to facilitate discussions and forge potential collaborations.”

– Mark Davies, Co-founder and Director, Ioetec

The first meeting, held at the University of Sheffield’s MindSphere Lounge, presented ‘An Introduction to IoT in Sheffield’. With close to 60 attendees ranging from CEOs to engineers, researchers and students this meetup provided a platform for a broad range of collaborations and knowledge sharing.

Additional supporters include Smart Sheffield, Things Network Sheffield and IoT Security Foundation. Each meetup will be preceded by the Things Network Sheffield which is led by Steve Jubb from the Urban Flow Observatory.

Videos of all presentations from Meetup #1 are below, slides are available on request (

Interested in joining the group? Sign up via the Meetup site!

1. Mark Davies, Co-founder and Director of Ioetec Ltd – An introduction to Ioetec

2. David Oliver, City Connectivity Strategy Lead, Sheffield City Council – Sheffield’s Digital Connectivity Strategy (including 5G, IoT, broadband and wifi)

3. Tom Sexton, Siemens, MindSphere Applications Engineer – Industry 4.0 and challenges for IIoT

4. Steve Jubb, Urban Flows Observatory – Things Network Sheffield and their aims for a LoRaWAN network across Sheffield

5. Tim A Clark, SAS, Global IoT Commercial Lead