Summer Sheffield IoT Meetup: IoT and innovation


Ioetec, together with co-hosts Pitch-In, were excited to hold the first of two Sheffield IoT Meetups over the summer on 30 July. The event featured our placement students who are working on IoT projects to develop a range of different sensors that make use of the regional LoRaWAN network. Along with our guest speakers, topics included technology for smart cities, manufacturing and health and well-being, include our region’s response to Covid-19.

A recording of the presentations is available below (see timings to jump to relevant sections).

Video timings

00.00.00 – Mark Davies, CEO and Co-founder, Ioetec – Welcome

00.02.40 – Ramsay Taylor, University Teacher in the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield – and Lead Supervisor on the Pitch-In IoT Student Placement programme

The Pitch-In IoT students

00.06.26 – Mo-Anna Tucker – Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring

00.08.39 – Seth Roberts – Analysing the use of bicycles in a city environment

00.11.20 – Mark Harris – Remote heart monitoring for the healthcare sector

00.13.17 – Questions for students

Guest talk

00.17.20 – Tom Macallister, Caburn Solutions – The challenge of scaling up IoT solutions for integrated health and care

The Pitch-In IoT students

00.37.34 – Tom Edwards – Asset Security using Bluetooth Beacons and LoRaWAN

00.40.17 – Robert Bruce – Predicting and managing waste levels in smart buildings and smart cities

00.43.00 – Kennedy Dike – RFID tag reader as a LoRaWan application

00.45.20 – Questions for students

Guest talk

00.50.00 – Jonathan Bray, Deputy Head of Digital at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre – AMRC and the Ventilator Challenge, Covid-19: accelerating digital adoption

The Pitch-In IoT students

01.10.35 – Ammar Aboagwa – Energy management for the manufacturing sector

01.14.18 – Ahmed Haroun – Temperature monitoring in industrial applications

01.16.37 – Harrison Fretwell – Predictive maintenance of legacy equipment at AMRC

01.19.15 – Questions for students

Guest talk

01.28.38 – Kevin Hallas, KTN, part of InnovateUK – ISCF manufacturing made smarter supply chain competitions

01.40.00 – Mark Davies, CEO and Co-founder, Ioetec – Wrap up

Sheffield IoT Meetup is led by:

Ioetec – a Sheffield-based start-up working to improve cyber security for IoT devices.

With sponsorship from:

Pitch-In – a collaborative project, led by the University of Sheffield, connecting capabilities to support IoT adoption.

Additional supporters include:

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