Energy systems IoT skill sharing workshop


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This project is developed a skills workshop in Sheffield for researchers and key industry representatives to review and share current practices when handling and processing energy data from across IoT systems.

Different researchers are all using an array of tools and methodologies to do similar tasks as each other and this workshop provided an opportunity to share experiences and for participants to learn about alternatives.

Day one of this workshop focused on the technical aspects, whilst day two considered a number of important issues around the ethics and legal obligations surrounding the use of data. The workshop included presentations/case studies to set the scene for the discussion, with greater emphasis and time allocated to the skill sharing sessions.


All findings and outcomes following the workshop were recorded and shared with the Pitch-In network. Following this workshop we expected that further collaborative project ideas would be developed between participants in order to demonstrate best practice.

Project lead

Dr Dan Gladwin (@Gladwin_Dan) from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Speaker at the skills workshop

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