Managing the introduction of IoT

Professor Jonathan Linton

Managing the Introduction of IoT
The University of Sheffield

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The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up tremendous opportunities for economic and other forms of social benefit, however there is the possibility of unanticipated challenges.

The Pitch-In project covered a number of key sectors (cities, energy, health and wellbeing, manufacturing) focussed on driving innovation through the application of Internet of Things (IoT), eliminating existing problems in order to access valuable economic or social benefits that IoT-based solutions can offer.

The management and implementation theme considered the challenge of integrating these technological solutions with people, communities, businesses and social systems to obtain positive outcomes while avoiding unanticipated negative consequences. The theme also directly supported concerns expressed across these four sectors, independently identifying challenges and opportunities at the interface of IoT, people and society.

The Pitch-In management and implementation theme worked to assess key areas of interest including:

  • Enablers and barriers to implementation and value extraction – adoption and abandonment of technology.

  • Current regulation and practice as an enabler/barrier of IoT.

  • Provenance and trust.

  • Business model innovation and sustainable innovation ecosystems.

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