Professor Malcolm McCulloch

Energy | University of Oxford

Malcolm McCulloch led Pitch-In’s Energy theme. He is a Professor in Engineering Science leading the Energy and Power Group at the University of Oxford.

Professor McCulloch is also Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School’s ‘Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy’ programme, which aims to deliver a framework for understanding technical, market and policy requirements for integrating renewables across a wide range of scales, resource types and contexts.

His research includes use of IoT in development of novel business models for future energy systems, from gird to private wires.

His research interests range across the energy spectrum:

  • Domestic energy – he is developing user centric demand side management technologies, including spinning out Mixergy, a novel hot water tank with access to grid balancing markets.

  • Transport sector – he has developed novel high-efficiency low-weight electric motors, used in the Morgan LifeCar (the first ever hydrogen sports car), and spun out Oxford Yasa Motors.

  • Renewable generation – he developed novel lightweight low speed direct coupled generators, which are part of the spinout Kepler Energy.

  • Energy for development – he is developing technologies that leverage IoT and AI to provide cost effective micro-grid solutions to provide a scalable pathway to distributed electrification.

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Man presenting screen slides to a group

This project developed a skills workshop in Sheffield for researchers and key industry representatives to review and share current practices when handling and processing data from IoT systems.

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Workers on a solar farm

The world is transitioning to a decarbonised and decentralised energy system, requiring a total re-think in how we produce and use all forms of energy. Digitalisation has a key role to play in enabling this transition.